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Let me explain…
If you have ever received a text message from different short numbers asking you reply to get something, and you simply deleted it, I want you to do something very important.
Stop Deleting those messages! Why do I say that? It’s actually simple.
Letting them fill up your inbox will always remind you that right inside your phone is a system for generating on-going daily income, a system so good, it is probably, the best benefit ever derived with the introduction of GSM service in Nigeria.

As I write this, a message alert came through on my phone.
Here’s what the message says:
“FORT” Tickets to London still up grabs!
Play NOW to win & visit our cinema on July 25th, 7 pm for the grand prize presentation!
Text GENESIS to 5031!”.

The Message above is a promotion by FORT Cinemas (they have outlets in ENUGU, Port-Harcourt and IBADAN). If I reply to their message, they get paid =N=50 by whichever network operator I am using, in my case, MTN.

Why am I telling you all these?
It’s simple

Because, You see, not too long ago, it used to be that only the BIG companies were able to set up these GSM short codes. They monopolized the industry and greedily kept the money for themselves.
However, after relentless research and determination, companies like ours figured out the secret and broke down the barriers. We became a VAS PROVIDER solely because of YOU! Meaning that right now. . .



No. of Responders Per day Amount You Make Daily
50 ₦ 2,500
100 ₦ 5,000
1000 ₦ 50,000
10,000 ₦ 500,000
15,000 ₦ 750,000
20, 000 ₦ 1,000,000



A singe shortcode go as cheap as N60k While Ressellership goes for N150k

With it in your possession, only you can put a stop to how much money you can make, daily