Istordersms .a brand of Topsoft  is a web-based mobile communications platform that allows you to send text messages from your computer  to literally thousands of mobile phones at once.

Bulk SMS is the latest technology that makes sending SMS in large quantity very easy. With our world constantly changing, the era of paper is becoming history and the electronic age has taken over.

Communication is done by everybody, with the aim of having effective communication, having the assurance that the “target audience” gets the message intended. To achieve this effective, ONLY bulk SMS can provide you with such service cheap, fast, and quick.


You can interface an application, website or system with our messaging gateway by using our very flexible HTTP/SMPP API connection in 1stordersms . Once you’re connected, you’ll be able to deliver messages or check your balance.

Why Bulk SMS?

  • It’s cheap – It’s cheap. It’s fast – SMS will be delivered immediately so there is no anxiety of disappointment by printers, etc
  • It’s Unique – With opportunity for customized ID, your message can be sent with any desired Sender ID
  • Can be used as reminder – It will be sheer waste of resources to print another set of IVs for reminder to an event.
  • Can be Scheduled – SMS can be scheduled for precise future delivery.
  • Units bought do not expire
  • There is less security worry of the information getting into wrong hands.


You can get a number database from us base on state, local government, youths, students’ formats etc