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Facebook Acquires Brain Computing Startup CTRL Labs

On Monday Facebook announced the acquisition of CTRL-labs, a New York startup that specializes in allowing humans to control computers using their brains.

The startup will join Facebook Reality Labs, a division of the social media company . The size of the deal was between $500 million and $1 billion.

This will be the result the wristband detects electrical signals from your spinal cord that tell your hand muscles how to move. CTRL Labs works to decode those signals and translate them into a digital signal that a device, such as a phone or computer, can understand.

“It captures your intention so you can share a photo with a friend using an imperceptible movement or just by, well, intending to,”

So very soon, your thoughts will be translated into texts, making it possible that you can do Facebook hands-free with VR capturing your intentions in your mind  sharing with friends.

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Laundry Jobs

A Mechanized, state of the art Laundry firm located in Surulere, Lagos seeks for people  for the position of a General Manager, Laundry operation officer and Laundry Men. See details:

Contact 07036958491

General Manager

Direct All Operational Aspects Of The firm (Customer Service, Human Resources, General Administration, Etc) In A Manner That Supports The vision Of The Company.


Laundry Operations Officer


Your core responsibilities shall be to execute ALL Garment, Fabric and Textile Cleaning and Finishing Processes as prescribed in Training i.e.:

  • Garment, Fabric and Textile Inspection for Quality Control,
  • Collection, Sorting-in, Categorization  (according to adopted Assembly System) of all Garment, Fabric and Textile items,
  • Preparation of ALL Garment, Fabric and Textile for Processing (separation, pocket emptying, tagging etc.),
  • Batch Splitting (pool or portion, process route conditioned) of ALL Garment, Fabric and Textile,
  • Pre-Spotting and Stain Removal of ALL Garment, Fabric and Textile as required,
  • Garment, Fabric and Textile Processing (including Washing, Rinsing, Conditioning and Drying),
  • Post-Spotting and Stain Removal of ALL Garment, Fabric and Textile as required,
  • Garment, Fabric and Textile Finishing (Ironing, Pressing and Folding) as required,
  • Folding, Sorting-Out, Packaging (Bagging), Picking and Packing, and Racking/Sectioning (according to adopted Assembly System) of all Garment, Fabric and Textile items,
  • Preparation of all Garment, Fabric and Textile items for Dispatch,
  • To Deliver or arrange for Delivery of Garment, Fabric and Textile items to customers as may be required,
  • To perform ALL tasks related to Laundry Operations assigned by the Business Manager.
  • Supervise the activities of ALL Laundry Operations Officers.


  • Must be a Self-motivated Human of any Gender and Age with a track record of successfully leading a team.
  • Must be Literate and particularly proficient in Speaking and Writing English.
  • Must possess a valid means of Identification.



Presser (Laundry Ironer)

Job Responsibilities

  • Smooths and shapes fabric prior to pressing.
  • Measures fabric to specifications, cuts uneven edges with shears, folds material, and presses with iron to form heading.
  • Pins, folds, and hangs article after pressing.
  • Sprays water over fabric to soften fibers when not using steam iron.
  • Places article in position on ironing board or worktable.

Job Requirements

  • Minimum of 2 year experience working as a presser in a laundry firm
  • Must be able to apply appropriate ironing techniques/skills in pressing fabrics
  • Must be able to iron decent numbers of cloths
  • Must be able to work according to descriptions and specifications
  • Must be a team player
  • Must be proactive,hardworking , efficient and goal achiever
  • Applicants must reside around Surulere  axis.


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