How You can lure google to find Your website

No matter how great or professional your website looks that does not guarantee, Goggle,the overlord of search, to find your website while people goggle for items online .It always helps to have a map telling you where everything is, right? Well, it’s the same with search engines. They’re able to crawl your site by themselves, but you can make it a lot easier for them by creating something called a sitemap.

Essentially, sitemaps tell search engines like Google and Bing how your site is structured. This way, they can crawl and index your site more efficiently. They’re an essential part of your SEO strategy. 

What Sitemaps Are and How They Help

To explain what a sitemap is, it helps to have a very basic understanding of how search engines index the web. Essentially, search engines send out robots called crawlers that follow links around the Internet. Each time they find a new link, the crawler will index that new page . And from then on, people searching in Google or other search engines can see that page in the search results.

Sitemaps expedite this process by providing search engine robots with a detailed map of your site. Instead of having to crawl your site manually by finding internal links to all your content, the crawler can instantly know where every public page in your website is located.

A website without a sitemap is like a shop address without a good description where the address can be found .

 Sitemap is not the only seo strategy to help google to find your website but it goes a long way to help. 

Falling in love with Google search engine


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