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Does ICT add value to your BUSINESS . IT CAN

Is obvious that ICT is the major driver of business growth in the world today . But the BIG question for you is this …Is your business experiencing the value and innovation that ICT brings ? If no … Is time you seek for advice and boost your business with simple ICT tools .

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Very Soon there won’t be need for physical cash .Read up how

The tremendous increase and awareness of the use of internet with induce the said change . Very soon, digital/Virtual cash like bitcoin will replace our physical cash . When bitcoin started in 2009 it was like a cramp . However, as the day goes by it is gaining ground and trust speedily . Very soon Nigerian banks will start embracing it .In fact there is one of our banks that is making that move now.. Once that happens behold it will dominate the physical cash  like wild fire..

If the federal Gov of Nigerian compares what it cost to print a single N50 note to what it will cost to run virtual money,you will “run mad”  . But with digital cash like Bitcoin the cost is gone completely .

Even the chines recent move against it cant stop it

Just get prepared .. Watch and see …the world is heading digital …


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What is your shop Address ?… Very soon the answer will change !

Very soon online shops will replace the traditional local shops as the digital age dominates the world. Time is coming when if someone asks you the address of your shop or business he will expect you to give your website address.

The rate of growth of eCommerce in African shows that very soon local business will not thrive as it has been. The proofs are there . The increase of online cash transactions done in Nigeria is over welling  .There are few things limiting this but very soon it will become a reality  . Get prepared now to own your online shop and start building it up gradually .

One reason is that the generation of people who do not know how to use the internet is coming to extinction ..there other reason though .

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Future proof your business with ICT

The question is no longer did i need ICT for my business ? The question is how do i use ICT to advance my business? ..How do i increase productivity with smaller resources ? How can my business run even when am not there  ?

These and more we answer in Topsoft  . If there is any solution you need now ,it is ICT . Businesses that are ICt up-to-date are flying today while others crawl .

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Happy Customers service Week- with a discount

Today ,5/10/2017  we are giving out any volume of sms @ N1.00 ie One Naira . Create ur account here 1stordersms .Hoping for record breaking growth this Customer service week get 50% discount on website Design and 20% discount of Mobile App.  . Dont delay, it ends today 5/10/2017.

For us customer service is an attitude not a department ..

Happy customers service week  07036958491

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See how We make life smarter

Our Premium SMS platform  is the best in the Nigeria Industry. Our sms platform with shortcode allows you to conduct any kind of 2way campaign services like: Voting, Poll, Info Update and Automated Quiz.

It gives you update in real time .
With our well sorted Local Government Area Mobile Numbers, you can conduct any target successful sms marketing campaign and record high conversion.

Swift delivery is our policy as we understand that prompt delivery of SMS is the live-line of any sustainable Marketing Campaign.

Geo – Target Marketing.
Premium SMS Short Code
User Friendly Web Application
Swift SMS Delivery

Click here to access our site 1stordersms

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