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  • Structured Connectivity Solutions
  • High Speed Routing and Switching
  • Data Centres

Structured Connectivity Solutions is the foundation of your business network connecting all your servers, computers, and other network devices together and enables voice, data, and multimedia to communicate effortlessly.

Our team of communications experts will put your mind at ease, by planning and installing the best cabling infrastructure exceeding your organizations expectations and requirements. From initial needs assessment, network cabling design, installation and project management to final delivery.

If you are relocating or upgrading, you will want the latest infrastructure system in order to address the changing needs of your computer network and to remain ahead of your competition for years to come.

Topsoft provides the highest quality, best performing structured cabling systems,cat6 available and can build an Ethernet infrastructure to serve your strategic business needs for the future.

Having adequate and properly managed environmental infrastructure is fundamental to the availability and performance of your Data Centre

Your productivity and efficiency depends on a network that’s always on and always accessible. Topsoft helps you ensure that your network is:

  • flexible and robust to respond to the changing dynamics of your business
  • tailored to meet your communication needs
  • managed end to end through best practices such as technology lifecycle management (TLM)
  • compliant with regulations and corporate governance guidelines   aligned with the highest industry standards
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We’re working hard to make sure your hard work is fully resourced.

Our Webs apps(websites)  and Mobile apps are simple but Powerful. We’ve negotiated preferential treatment and special offers to help you with many common satrtup and small business need in WEB and MOBILE.

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5 Practical Tips to Increase Your E-commerce Sales


In case you don’t know . Ecommerce means online shop.

This post features 5  of my top tips for maximising e-commerce sales and includes good practice examples from some of the ecommerce we have set up and other  successful e-commerce sites.

  1. Site Optimisation (seo)

Have you ever imagined building a beautiful mansion without electrifying it. Having an ecommerce without Search engine optimization (SEO) is just like that . Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s(eg google) unpaid results . You must emphasis to your ecommerce website develop the need to optimize your site.

  1. Cross-sell your products and services

Cross-selling is very important and the most successful companies all tend do it very well. For example, have you ever queued up at a supermarket and decided to take up their offer of a chocolate bar? This is a common industry tactic to encourage customers to spend more money, and it works online too.

Eg . You could see an online shop showcasing related products when you want to by a particular product

3.   Build, protect and promote your reputation

There is a saying, ‘reputation is everything’, and it’s true; especially online, where competition is fierce and some sites make it easy for visitors to review a company’s reputation. It’s therefore key to build trust from day one, and keep it there by gathering regular customer feedback.

Eg . We are giving you 5-year warranty . You can provide a helping guide aprt from just only displaying your products. Some websites displays its awards and respectable reviews.

4.   Show off customer footprints

Remember that visitors not only consider a seller’s reputation but the product reputation too, and many people use ‘external conscience’ when comparing products online .You can see it on ecommerce sites as Review

For example, Emeka  may like Product A more than Product B, but finds there are no comments for A but 78 positive reviews for B. After considering his options he decides to add Product B to his basket. Thomas was not willing to risk a product that may not have been bought by other people so he used ‘external conscience’. This behaviour is common so encourage customer feedback and show off those customer footprints! Best-sellers are popular with visitors and is good to include it in your ecommerce .

  1. Last but not the list

You’ve done very well to get visitors to your product page, but the tough bit is getting them to click the ‘add to basket’ button. Achieving this goal is easier if you display useful product details and highlight the most important, such as price, delivery and offers. Is good to make them know that they pay on delivery .This gives them confidence that they will see the product before releasing their precious cash

Although companies invest hundreds of thousands of money  in conversion rate optimisation, it’s important to remember that building a strong reputation, listening to your customers and providing useful details can be achieved for next to nothing, so follow this best practice and put your e-commerce strategy on the path to success.






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