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How sick is your Drive ? With your crashed, dead or buried drive–your data can be recovered

From our  last blog on Data Recovery , we listed the 3 D in data Recovery. Today  we will go forward to explain  the first phase .

Phase 1: Drive Restoration                  Phase 2: Disk Imaging,                        Phase 3: Data Retrieval

Phase 1: Drive Restoration

This phase deals with drives that are not responding, and drives that appear functional and can be imaged, but produce useless data. The solution is to diagnose the drive for damage and make repairs as necessary.  We have a tool which can identify damage using diagnostics, reporting, and specialized utilities. If the drive has damage, it should be fixed before moving on.

There are three main types of damage:

Physical/mechanical damage: Failed heads and other physical problems are often repaired by replacing the damaged hardware with a donor part. PC-3000 can help to identify mechanical problems.

Electronic problems: Failed printed circuit boards (PCBs) are replaced with donor PCBs, and the contents of failed PCB read-only memory (ROM) are copied to the donor using PC-3000. If required the drive may also need to be recalibrated to work with a new PCB using PC-3000.

Firmware failure: Firmware failures are diagnosed and fixed at the drive level . A repaired drive should be diagnosed again, in case the repairs uncover further problems that couldn’t be identified before. This phase is complete when a drive is functional and able to communicate with a computer’s basic input/output system (BIOS).

How sick is your Drive ? With your crashed, dead or buried drive–your data can be recovered

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We will position you to respond to today’s challenges-Software solution

What is the current challenges/crisis in your workplace or business? Is it missing stocks, is it human resource management,is it payroll ,is it school result management or cooperatives management?. Does your current system save you money ,does it save you time,  does it make you productive? We have a software solution to resolve that crisis and yet save you money. We have a software solution to  anything you can think or imagine . It can be either a cloud-based or locally-based business application.

We will position you to respond to today’s challenges, with targeted, pertinent Software services and IT solutions.

We provide solutions to people who want to explore new markets for their products, services, ideas, talents.

We have done most of the thinking for you ! Get us to work for you today .

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Resurrecting Your Hard Drive – A professional approach to data recovery

We recover Data from hard drive that is crashed,  We recover Data from  hard drive that systems cannot detect ,we recover  Data from SAS , SATA, IDE. We also recover from all RAID. Am sure you have not seen this powerful technology and its kind of solution.

Am yet to see anyone  who have not lost any Data from a hard drive ! I know someone who is reading this may even be one of those who is hiding from a client because he lost this data or someone who lost his job because he lost his emlpoyer’s data.  Now , we have the solution !  Just give me a call 07036958491 and the  solution is delivered .

Let’s look at the 3Ds in data recovery.

The three “Ds” in data recovery (DR) correspond to the three phases that  experts recommend for true, deep recovery of all possible files on a client’s drive. This professional approach pairs industry-leading thinking with cutting edge technology to drive dramatically improved recovery rates. Most data recovery firms have a handful of tools and techniques that roughly correspond to the three phases below, but we address the needs of all three with cutting edge technology. The result: more power; more control; more data.

Phase 1: Drive Restoration

Phase 2: Disk Imaging

Phase 3: Data Retrieval

Let me not bore you now with the explanations of these phases today . I will do that in my next blog.

But the Solution that we have is to recover your lost data from Hard drive , whether  crashed or dead . We can resurrect it with our MACHINE

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M-commerce (Mobile commerce) is the use of wireless handheld devices such as cellular phones and laptops to conduct commercial transactions online. Mobile commerce transactions continues to grow, and the term includes the purchase and sale of a wide range of goods and services, online banking etc . I know one bank in Nigeria that proved to a large extent that they have the capacity to adapt to this revolution . They have G in their name , not to mention.

Facebook has made it CRYSTAL CLEAR that the mobile marketing niche is the way forward through their acquisition of Whatsapp for $19Billion!

Jumia , konga, Dell dey etc that just began in Nigeria few years ago has raked vast amount of cash that has been hidden in people’s pockets for years.

A majority of people, and businesses in Nigeria , are still NOT  fully aware of the sheer vastness of the entire mobile market and the opportunities it presents.

The speed of change and level of innovation in Mobile is mind-boggling.

The rise and rise of a mobile world means endless opportunities to transact in a private and secure way. We are no longer confound to our homes, our laptops or local retail outlets and can now do everything previously limited to a PC environment via our Mobile device – and in fact we can do much more. The world is embracing this in record numbers, and no more so than Nigeria.


Our Road Blocks

But it hasn’t always been this way. Emerging markets like Nigeria  continue to face road blocks and hurdles when it comes to the explosive growth of m-commerce. Issues such as a lack of awareness on what’s available and how to transact using your mobile device is top of the order. Education is going to be key to ensure consumers continue to jump on board and feel comfortable with any mobile transaction.poor availability of light ,

Increasing concerns about security and risk is also high on the list; And even more so than with Internet-based e-commerce, ordinary users worry about the safety and reliability of conducting business over a wireless connection.

Another challenge is developing applications for multiple networks and a wide range of devices. Whilst there are limited major Web browsers for PCs, in the world of mobile phones there are multiple operating systems with multiple browsers, so the same application can look completely different on different screens. Without standardization, developing m-commerce applications can be prohibitively expensive.

And last but certainly not least is the lack of high speed connections. Access to high-speed networks is important to providing “rich” applications. The dedicated 4G networks that will deliver higher speeds for mobile connections are on the way but have not yet arrived across all of Nigeria.We have providers like Spectranet, Swift network etc  but have they realy proved what they claimed to be ? let me leave the answer for you

Any Business that is  not on the web is losing valuable opportunities that should not be ignored.

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