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Software(Java) Programming Course

This Java Programming course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of the Java language. Topics covered include language fundamentals, OO concepts, classes and interfaces, exception handling, and console application development, Mysql Database. An overview of collections, threads, file I/O.

You will also join us in any ongoing projects during the course of training .

Target  :” I was trained by one of the leading software training Academy in Lagos. I have seen their BIG flows, I have come up with strategies to bridge it. Is not going to be just theoretical like others. Is real coding time  “. MD Topsoftweb Solutions

After the training you can become a consultant and still be in your paid job or become a freelancer.

ASSURANCE: After this training you must be smarter and more skillful than any one who attended any other software training institution.


3 MONTHS .oN SATURDAYS. 2HRS .  Stating from March 2016


This Java training course can be tailored for audiences ranging from first-time programmers to experienced OO developers seeking to learn more. It is strongly recommended that all course attendees have similar levels of experience.

Whether you  are a graduate or not ,working for your self or payed job .



All students for this Java training course receive a copy of our details java material


We shall provide all the needed software eg  mysql , jdk , netbeans etc  . Your Laptop capacity : 64 bit preferably


110 ago palace way, Isolo lagos


A team of younge experience JAVA Language Developer who have developed bespoken java Applications.


Contact 07036958491 or

Contact us today for personal and organisational training arrangement to be better equiped to carry out your IT administration and business driven by IT Technology in these areas : Data Center Setup & Administration, Server, Storage & Network Solutions, Data Center Integration & Consolidation, Virtualization & Cloud Computing

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The Anatomy Of Small Business website

Today, information technology is radically changing the speed, direction and amount of information flow. This dynamism of change has brought about the challenge for us to device means to stay current.

The first step for any small business is to establish an online presence by owning a website. Not just a website, but a website with a fully optimized.

The issue is not whether if I need a website . The issue now is what and what is required on my website to help drive traffic to my small business .  Here are a few things to check out in your website. If your website fails the test then re-write the “test”  But if you don’t have a website bear it in mind as you prepare to have one !

  1. An Intuitive Visitor Experience

Your customers motivations and needs should always be at the front of your mind when you are thinking about your website.

Try to anticipate the questions that they might have and make sure that the answers are easy to get to through straightforward and intuitive navigation.

  1. Well Defined Call to Actions

What do you want visitors to do when they come to your site? Make a list of these goals and then create clear call to actions that will encourage your visitors to move through your sales funnel.

Some of them are by placing your phone number and  email on top of your website.

  1. Monitoring

Is your website working for you? What areas could be improved to make it perform better?  The only way to discover ways to increase your conversions is to test different variations of copy, call to actions and marketing efforts to see what gives the best results.

The first step in this process is to track conversions. Whether you use a tool such as Google or

  1. An ‘About Us’ Page that Builds a Relationship

Steer clear of the typical, boring About Us page and use this location as a way to make your company stand out from the competition.

Focus on what makes you special and unique, including any ways that you excel in customer service and your milestones.

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