Another e-commerce giant to be launched in Kenya by Safaricom

Safaricom, a Telecom giant in Kenya is about to launch its E-commerce site  named  Masoko .

Masoko will take on platforms such as Jumia and Kilimall head-on with the advantage of having Safaricom’s deep pockets, its partners and Lipa na M-Pesa online built into it. According to the information we have, Masoko is meant to be an avenue for local merchants, including supermarkets, and customers to interact and trade in a bid for Safaricom to boost its M-Pesa payments platform (Lipa na M-Pesa)

It’s aiming to cut delivery times from the current 72-96 hours.

Safaricom is looking for ways to build on the success of M-Pesa, its mobile-phone money transfer service that dominates the Kenyan economy and is used by subscribers to pay for everything from utility bills to groceries and gasoline.

Safaricom is looking for growth and planning a future where data and voice may not take care of the margins because of effect facebook and whatapps messengers.

“By leveraging the strength and reach of our network, our customer base, and a number of partnerships with vendors, we hope to create a solution that can power the next phase of growth for the Kenyan economy. We hope to create a universal platform that will connect the smallest of vendors in Kenya to a nationwide market,” said Mr. Ogutu.

Something To Learn

Unlike most ecommerce operators in Africa, Safaricom could find success easily. If you read clearly, Safaricom is looking for the best way to expand the Kenyan economy because that is where its “currency”, MPESA, is very dominant.

Safaricom is launching this ecommerce to help in the growth of MPESA, its very best product: “Masoko will accept all mobile money payments …” The more Safaricom can move more Kenyan commerce to MPESA, the more it benefits because MPESA is in its ecosystem. So, technically, even if it does not make money through ecommerce, Safaricom will make money through more activities in MPESA. Ecommerce is generally hard to make money, but there are many ways of making money in it.  You play parallel, using it to grow another product.

Safaricom is going to run the typical double play which is used by leading global ecommerce businesses.  These companies always have complementary services to ecommerce—double play strategy



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How You can lure google to find Your website

No matter how great or professional your website looks that does not guarantee, Goggle,the overlord of search, to find your website while people goggle for items online .It always helps to have a map telling you where everything is, right? Well, it’s the same with search engines. They’re able to crawl your site by themselves, but you can make it a lot easier for them by creating something called a sitemap.

Essentially, sitemaps tell search engines like Google and Bing how your site is structured. This way, they can crawl and index your site more efficiently. They’re an essential part of your SEO strategy. 

What Sitemaps Are and How They Help

To explain what a sitemap is, it helps to have a very basic understanding of how search engines index the web. Essentially, search engines send out robots called crawlers that follow links around the Internet. Each time they find a new link, the crawler will index that new page . And from then on, people searching in Google or other search engines can see that page in the search results.

Sitemaps expedite this process by providing search engine robots with a detailed map of your site. Instead of having to crawl your site manually by finding internal links to all your content, the crawler can instantly know where every public page in your website is located.

A website without a sitemap is like a shop address without a good description where the address can be found .

 Sitemap is not the only seo strategy to help google to find your website but it goes a long way to help. 

Falling in love with Google search engine


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The business is in the Selling QED

Sales is the activity that breathes life into any economy, business, or venture. Take away sales and you have nothing.

  • In a job interview, You sell yourself.
  • when you ask for a promotion or raise from your boss You sell to your  boss.
  • when you ask someone on a date—or to marry you,You are selling
  • Your kids are always selling you on the newest electronic device.
  • Politicians sell you on the merits of their platform to get your vote.
  • When you preach as a pastor you are selling
  • Posting in social media,you sell yourself.

And on it goes.

Whether you like it or not, life is all about selling. So be conscious of it 



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Our Premium SMS platform  is the best in the Nigeria Industry. Our sms platform with shortcode allows you to conduct any kind of 2way campaign services like: Voting, Poll, Info Update and Automated Quiz.

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We create the Future for You …Business Application

If you are a business owner, you would want to get things done efficiently with as little time possible. In order to reach this, you cannot fulfill it by yourself. You would need the help of software and applications used in business if you want to multi-task.

This is why great businesses are bigger than the small ones .

Hence business applications(software) increase productivity, measure productivity and  perform other business functions accurately.

Whatever any one can manually do or think of doing can be achieved faster and better with a software . Is it accounting ? use accounting software .Is it selling? Use an ecommerce website .Is it transportation ,use a location based app like the one uber is using .In fact what ever you can imagine on this earth ,it can be achieved with a software

Business applications are built based on the requirements from the business users. Also, these business applications are built to use certain kind of Business transactions or data items. These business applications run flawlessly until there are no new business requirements or there is no change in underlying Business transactions.

Thinks of a future you what ,then we can create it for you !

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Anyone who says their business “runs itself” probably owes a great debt of gratitude to a small army of Business applications(software ) and Web services.

In the high competitive business world, no one can keep himself away from the impact of modernization & globalization. We provide solutions to people who want to explore new markets for their products, services, ideas, talents with web and mobile Solutions


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