If you are a business owner, you would want to get things done efficiently with as little time possible. In order to reach this, you cannot fulfill it by yourself. You would need the help of software and applications used in business if you want to multi-task.

This is why great businesses are bigger than the small ones .

Hence business applications(software) increase productivity, measure productivity and  perform other business functions accurately.

Whatever any one can manually do or think of doing can be achieved faster and better with a software . Is it accounting ? use accounting software .Is it selling? Use an ecommerce website .Is it transportation ,use a location based app like the one uber is using .In fact what ever you can imagine on this earth ,it can be achieved with a software

Business applications are built based on the requirements from the business users. Also, these business applications are built to use certain kind of Business transactions or data items. These business applications run flawlessly until there are no new business requirements or there is no change in underlying Business transactions.

Thinks of a future you what ,then we can create it for you !


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Enemies AMD, Intel partner to take on Nvidia

Cat (AMD)  and Dog (Intel) has become roommates . I called them cat and dog because over the years  both has been fighting on who takes the microprocessor market . Now that Nvidia has emerged , intel and AMD(Advanced Micro Devices) swallowed their pride to fight Nvidia .

Under the partnership, AMD’s semi-custom graphics chip will be integrated into Intel’s new multi-chip processor package for personal computing. Who could believe that this will ever happen . But this is a good for both  . Recently AMD has produced microprocessor which is better than intel in some aspects .

Nvidia corp is the target . Intel will now work together with AMD to fight Nvidia who is currently leading in the market .

As Nigerians start ups we have a great lesson from this . Lets strenghten partnerships and compete head on .

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Whatever You Can do in Your Business Can Be done Better Now with a Website

We are a market-focused, process-centred organization that develops and delivers innovative solutions to our customers, consistently outperforms our peers, and provides a dynamic and challenging environment for our employees. We help people to repackage and transform  their business from local to the web or mobile for them to have a world presence . The internet is a global village .

One extra-ordinary thing about the web is that money comes to you even when you are sleeping . The web technology is evolving daily .You need an expert for support .


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As a team of IT consultants,we deliver real competitive advantage to our customers by proactively monitoring and fixing problems before they happen. Our support services allow our customers to focus on their core business objectives and strategic IT initiatives, while receiving greater value from their IT investments.

Our Offerings include:

  • Application Support
  • IT Consulting Services
  • Support and Managed Services
  • Virtualization & Cloud Computing
  • Server, Storage & Network Solutions
  • Data Center Setup & Administration
  • Server, Storage & Network Solutions
  • Disaster recovery & Site replication
  • Data Center Integration & Consolidation

Data Center Setup & Administration

Data center new build & consolidation solution includes data center IT cloud Infrastructure integration solution, data center security integration solution, data center facility integration solution and  provide Precise consulting, Coordinated planning, Flexible design. It helps Operators to construct a green, high availability and smart Data center by the shortest time and optimal cost so to approach the smooth evolution from traditional Co-location & VAS business to Cloud business ,and lay the foundation for the transformation of ICT.


Virtualization & Cloud Computing

Let us help you Reduce cost on hardware and application resources  by building a reliable virtualized infrastructure as well as automate your business processes to provide services on demand using Cloud Computing


Support and Managed Services

We provide support and managed services for your multi vendor IT platforms eg IBM, EMC, DELL, VMWARE, CISCO, SYMANTEC, REDHAT, etc


Disaster recovery & Site replication

In event of disaster what is the continuity plan for your establishment, let us help your business witstand any form of data loss due to disaster

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We design digital products that makes people’s life easier

We provide high-quality and cost-effective Business Applications to our customers through an environment of collective innovation and empowerment. We create interactive solutions for automating/solving your day to day challenges at costs which represent value. We can increase your productivity, reduce labor costs and improve management skills with our custom solutions.

Along with new challenges, mobile also presents marketers with new opportunities. These mobile, location-specific and contextual marketing opportunities will continue to grow as mobile devices with robust capabilities become more prolific.

From android development through to Iphone development no matter the nature of the apps and what your requirements are, we are keen to work on your project and promise to complete it to your satisfaction.

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Uber did not kill the taxi business.

Taxis drivers are notorious for being rude, discriminating, and taking advantage of visitors to the point that, in some places they are not allowed, by law, to ask for your destination before you get in the cab. They like to take the most expensive route. Also to keep a limited supply of cabs in the street, unions limit the number of licenses, each of which goes for a ridiculous price.

Uber is not Perfect by all means. They have broken laws, manipulated taxi drivers by using behavioral science and discriminated women in their workplace. Sometimes can be late. But the point is that the likes of Uber are solving a customer problem with taxis.

In conclusion, they adopted two things value and innovation . Innovation –because they applied technology , value –because they are solving customers problem with taxi at a reduced price   —that is what we do at topsoft , that is what we exist for .

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Whatever you do, go Mobile

Mobile Revolution is radically changing the way we do business . When it comes to technology—especially mobile technology—if you are not open to learning something new every single day, you will easily find yourself living in past tense.

Mobile apps are available for nearly every task imaginable. From predicting the weather to encrypted messaging, sharing photos with friends or requesting a personal driver, there’s an app for most imaginable needs.

If you are  small business owner it’s a good idea that your New Year’s resolution should consist of not only learning something new in your niche but also learning what your competitors are doing with all the advances in technology .

The Mobile technology is making the world faster on a daily bases. The future looks bright for small business !

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A better way to reachout to your audience – 1stordersms bulksms

Bulk SMS is the latest technology that makes sending SMS in large quantity very easy. With our world constantly changing, the era of paper is becoming history and the electronic age has taken over.

Communication is done by everybody, with the aim of having effective communication, having the assurance that the “target audience” gets the message intended. To achieve this effective, ONLY bulk SMS can provide you with such service cheap, fast, and quick.

Why Us — Messages delivers at the twinkling of the eye.

You can become a resseller .

You can get different categories of GSM numbers

Contact us at 07036958491

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The world of business is constantly advancing. We strive to stay on the cutting edge of technology. With each project it is our goal to raise the bar for our competition and provide our clients with a superior and unmatched product.

We have cutting edge expertise in the following areas:

  • Structured Cabling – Data, voice & Ups, raw power
  • Website Design and Development
  • Software Design and Development
  • Mobile App Design and Development
  • Microsoft Products and Solutions
  • Hardware Supplies-Desktop, Laptop, Printers
  • Security Gadgets-CCtv cameras etc
  • Bulksms, Voicesms,Shortcode
  • Systems Support
  • Internet Marketing
  • Data Recovery
  • Car Tracking
  • Training
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We will position you to respond to today’s challenges-Software solution

What is the current challenges/crisis in your workplace or business? Is it missing stocks, is it human resource management,is it payroll ,is it school result management or cooperatives management?. Does your current system save you money ,does it save you time,  does it make you productive? We have a software solution to resolve that crisis and yet save you money. We have a software solution to  anything you can think or imagine . It can be either a cloud-based or locally-based business application.

We will position you to respond to today’s challenges, with targeted, pertinent Software services and IT solutions.

We provide solutions to people who want to explore new markets for their products, services, ideas, talents.

We have done most of the thinking for you ! Get us to work for you today .

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Why Every Nigerian Business Website/Blog Should be on WordPress

Today , i want to list these 25 Top wordpress plugin that has made wordpress the king of of all content management System . It can turn your site to be like jumia or a news website like CNN or company website etc . Whether you are a web designer or a business owner , i recommend that from today you should create your website with WORDPRESS. In my next blog i will explain what they are use for in details:


  1. W3 Total Cache
  2. WP


3.All in One SEO

4.SEO Friendly Images


5.Sumome Social Sharing Tool

6.JM Twitter Cards



8.MailChimp for WordPress



  1. Disqus Comment System


  1. Contact Form 7
  2. ClickDesk Live Support – Live Chat – Help Desk Plugin for Websites
  3. Leadin
  4. Testimonials Slider


  1. BruteProtect
  2. Limit Login Attempts
  3. WP-DBManager


  1. Google Analytics by Yoast
  2. Jetpack by Stats
  3. ClickTale


  1. Facebook Conversion Pixel


  1. Woocommerce
  2. VoguePay Woocommerce Payment Gateway
  3. Woocommerce Checkout Manager
  4. Easy Pricing Tables Lite by Fatcat Apps




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