Nigerian scientist, Oshiorenoya Agabi is building a computer device made of biological neurons & silicon chips which can think like a human. He has also build a device that can smells explosive and detect cancer cells.


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Does ICT add value to your BUSINESS . IT CAN

Is obvious that ICT is the major driver of business growth in the world today . But the BIG question for you is this …Is your business experiencing the value and innovation that ICT brings ? If no … Is time you seek for advice and boost your business with simple ICT tools .

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Future proof your business with ICT

The question is no longer did i need ICT for my business ? The question is how do i use ICT to advance my business? ..How do i increase productivity with smaller resources ? How can my business run even when am not there  ?

These and more we answer in Topsoft  . If there is any solution you need now ,it is ICT . Businesses that are ICt up-to-date are flying today while others crawl .

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Being non-customer centric is the biggest threat to any business-not Technology only

Amazon did not kill the retail industry. They did it to themselves with bad customer service.                                  Netflix did not kill blockbuster.They did it to themselves with ridiculous late fees.
Uber did not kill the taxi business. They did it to themselves with limited number of taxi and fare control.
Airbnb did not kill the hotel industry. They did it to themselves with limited availability and pricing options.
Technology by itself is not the real disuptor .
Being non-customer centric is the biggest threat to any business .
Alberto brea

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Connect Your Business with today’s Technology

Think back to how business was done a few decades ago. There was no email, Internet, mobile marketing, telecommuting or smartphones. Shops where localized only  .You have to work up to shops before you can buy . Now communications are instantaneous, huge amounts of information move through email and the Internet and powerful tools are in the hands of owners and employees, also businesses and shop are online .You can sit in your office while your good s are delivered to you safely.  Innovations in technology have improved operations at companies of all sizes and helped turn small local businesses into global businesses.

Can i ask you . How much of this technology are you using to improve your businesses today ?

Mobile technology has changed the game. Businesses are now focused on enabling every employee to get their work done as easily as possible, using technology that fits around them and adds value at every stage.

The internet is a wonder …it has changed things with time.

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Create with Us your Online Store today @ an affordable Price and enjoy over N30,000 worth of Bonus

What are the bonuses? Studies have shown that is not enough to own a website but is everything to have tools that can help you to drive traffic to your ecommerce website to increase sales massively. Topsoftweb solutions is giving these out once we design your Ecommerce  website for you in this season .

  • Over 700,000 Nigerians working class email
  • Over 600 Nigerians email online Shoppers & Names
  • Over 9,000 Nigerians Online Shoppers Phone contact & name
  • Executives Phone number (Nigerians)

What are Components of our affordable Ecommerce website ? Lets see:

  1. Flexible Editing : Anyone that has the admin login can edit any of the pages of this website or  can  either post new products or remove none available ones
  2. Search Box: It has a search box positioned well, this  allows your visitors to quickly search for the product that they are looking for.
  3. Featured Products: By displaying featured products on your home page or on the side columns of your site will inform your visitors of top selling products, sales offers or it can be a general products that you want to push further and make sure they get noticed.
  4. Categories: Have clear categories on your site to list your products into, and have your categories displayed somewhere easy to access, e.g. across the top or on the side columns.
  5. Good Navigation: Navigation is extremely important on an e-commence site, users should be able to easily access various sections of the site, along with a quick link back to the shopping cart.
  6. Good Payment Gateway: Choosing the perfect payment gateway solution for you site will give assurance and peace of mind to your visitors. Choose a merchant account that your visitors are comfortable with. However, this is optional
  7. Customer login & registration: Topsoftweb solutions Ecommerce  gives the option for customers to register on your site, so when they do return they don’t need to enter all their billing and payment details in again, giving them the flexibility to quickly check out.
  8. Good Graphics: Make good use of graphics banners and images on the site, to attract visitors, also display your sales promotions, offers in attractive banners on the site for users to click on to.
  9. Delivery Information: This inform how your going to be delivering your products to the customers, along with clear time scales, so that your customers know when to expect the delivery.
  10. Social Media Presence: Topsoftweb solutions connects their customers Ecommerce website to social media platform like facebook, linkedin, instagram etc Let your customers know that your available on networking sites, by having Social Media.. Having a good social media presence will boost your online presence and brand.

NB: Our Ecommerce websites are hosted on a reliable linus server that is  very secure.


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Software(Java) Programming Course

This Java Programming course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of the Java language. Topics covered include language fundamentals, OO concepts, classes and interfaces, exception handling, and console application development, Mysql Database. An overview of collections, threads, file I/O.

You will also join us in any ongoing projects during the course of training .

Target  :” I was trained by one of the leading software training Academy in Lagos. I have seen their BIG flows, I have come up with strategies to bridge it. Is not going to be just theoretical like others. Is real coding time  “. MD Topsoftweb Solutions

After the training you can become a consultant and still be in your paid job or become a freelancer.

ASSURANCE: After this training you must be smarter and more skillful than any one who attended any other software training institution.


3 MONTHS .oN SATURDAYS. 2HRS .  Stating from March 2016


This Java training course can be tailored for audiences ranging from first-time programmers to experienced OO developers seeking to learn more. It is strongly recommended that all course attendees have similar levels of experience.

Whether you  are a graduate or not ,working for your self or payed job .



All students for this Java training course receive a copy of our details java material


We shall provide all the needed software eg  mysql , jdk , netbeans etc  . Your Laptop capacity : 64 bit preferably


110 ago palace way, Isolo lagos


A team of younge experience JAVA Language Developer who have developed bespoken java Applications.


Contact 07036958491 or

Contact us today for personal and organisational training arrangement to be better equiped to carry out your IT administration and business driven by IT Technology in these areas : Data Center Setup & Administration, Server, Storage & Network Solutions, Data Center Integration & Consolidation, Virtualization & Cloud Computing

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If you can dream it, our energetic team can build it quickly and affordably.

We deliver our solutions around the country, enabling our customers to have access to superior technology that lowers their investment risk.

We will position you to respond to today’s challenges, with targeted, pertinent services and IT solutions.  We ensure your business is supported by a robust networking platform and help you optimize the performance and availability.

Our team of professionals includes experienced website designers, programmers, system analysts, certified technicians, system engineers, server Administrators and search engine optimization experts who work together to ensure that your business objective are met. If you can dream it, our energetic team can build it quickly and affordably.

We have cutting edge expertise in the following areas:

  • Network and Infrastructure Solutions – Data, voice & Ups, raw power
  • Website Design and Development
  • Software Design and Development
  • Mobile App Design and Development
  • Website Hosting
  • Bulksms
  • etc
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What is your business plan for 2016 ?

What is the focal point of the strategy for your  business plan for 2016? What will drive your  sales volumes and or profitability in the  next calendar year with effect from January 01, 2016?

Take your Biro and at a convenient time write down in brief  how you  planned to drive your business in 2016.

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