Easily interact with audience, no matter where they are-Bulksms Giant

Two way messaging solutions enable a seamless communication channel between an
enterprise and its customers. The scope of two way messaging encompasses surveys,
subscription services, tracking and even secondary sales services.

Ensures quick response in comparison with traditional phone call response


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Messaging is the fastest and most reliable way to reach your customers. With a 98% read rate, all
transactional and promotional messages are delivered directly to customers in a cost-effective

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Coverage & Instant Delivery to 850+ global telecom
operators worldwide with multiple backup routes
and redundancies.
Multiple Connectivity & Interface options such as
web interface, APIs, HTTP, SMPP, XML, and FTP,
with features such as text-to-speech, Unicode, file
upload, saved campaign or templates.

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Dynamic messaging

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You Can radically Do More Online with E-commerce

Business owners have proven that you can sell anything online, from clothes (Tailoring) , branding ,Computers etc Before you take that leap, you should plan how you want to present your business and what type of services you want to offer visitors to your website. Are you going to offer all of the same products that you sell in your store, or are you going to make your site a destination that could evolve into a community of people with similar interests?

Whatever you can do in your local store can be done with online tools . You may not understand how it works, but if you know your business, you can find website Developers that will help you put your plan together.

With 94 million Nigerian internet users in Aug 2016 compared with few customers that walks into your local store you are sure you can get more market share in e-commerce

Ecommerce sites fail when owners don’t have a vision for what they want out of them. Your internet marketer can work with you to help you determine the right plan for your needs.

You may have taken a big risk when you started your business, and if you believe in what your business has to offer, you should have no trouble taking a small risk by putting it in a website.

Without marketing your website is like having a local shop that is locked up . How do you expect customers to come.

As the economic activities continue to rise across the country, the most successful ecommerce sites will rise to the top by winning new customers online. The winners will not be those that have the prettiest design, or the flashiest images or videos, but those that understand what their customers really want by looking at cold, hard numbers. Nigeria is already one of Africa’s leaders in ecommerce, but the position could be consolidated if every business realised the true power of the data at their fingertips.

Business is shifting from local store to online store and the wise people are shifting along with it..

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